TEAM SIGN UP DEADLINE: Team signups have until Thursday, January 23 for $20 per person. Any teams signing up January 24 or the morning of the event, will be charged $25 per person.



Volunteers working registration should arrive by 8 am, and will:

  • Confirm each team has been paid in full. If not, they will collect payment, credit cards will be accepted.

  • Will ask if the team was set up for fundraising on the First Giving website, and if so, get the First Giving team name.

  • Ask teams if they want to purchase one Xpress Pass for $20. This will allow them to skip a Challenge at any time and receive the full 100 points. They will also be offered the chance to do this when they register on-line.

  • Each team member will receive a participant bracelet with their team number.


Each team will pick up their registration packet at Skyloft between 8:00 am-9 am.



The forum will be held from 9 am to about 9:45. Once the forum is completed, teams will be given last minute instructions and be sent on the way to complete the Amazing Race to Recovery between 10 am and 1 pm, (3 hours).



MC will be Steve Balogh

Robert Kent, General Counsel OASAS

Kellie Roe, Executive Director of Second Chance Opportunities

Tele Rabii a 24-year-old individual in recovery

Stephanie M. Campbell, Director, NYS Behavioral Health Ombudsman Program



Teams will start at different stores as they begin the “race”.  After completing a challenge, they will be given a clue to the next location.  The stores open at 10 am. Dave & Buster’s opens at 11.


Once the team completes a challenge the judge will record their team number and score on a tally sheet as well as a score sheet each team carries with them. The judge will then give the team a clue that will lead them to the next challenge location. Each store challenge will be worth a maximum of 100 points. All team members must be together at all challenges.


During the time between 1:00 and 1:30 pm, event staff will tally all the results and there will be an opportunity to eat at Skyloft. During this time, we will also announce the winners of the raffle and 50/50.

At 1:30 we will announce the top team from each route, and have a brief shoot out challenge to determine the overall winners. Lastly, we announce the winners and the teams that raised the most money; present them with a certificate and take pictures for social media and press releases.

At 2 pm the event will end.


Placement in the competition will be based on a point system, not how fast a team completes the entire program. The winning team will be the one that accumulates the most points during the allotted time. Running, pushing, swearing, disrupting customers and aggressive behavior will not be allowed and may get a team disqualified.



This year we have more stores and plan to split the contestants into 2 different routes. The routes will overlap in some locations such as Dave & Busters and Apex. This will spread the players out and help reduce congestion at the stores. We have also added an hour to the event which will make it easier for everyone to complete.

There will be vendors and exhibitors set up in the mall in front of APEX. 

Participants will have to visit each table as part of the “race” and get a stamp on their vendor sheet. They can visit the Mall Tables any time, but MUST turn in their vendor table score sheet by 12:45 pm to the Rotary Table. When they are turned it, they will have 3 minutes to complete a matching game of the vendor tables. They will be scored as part of the race. 



Teams can sign up with First Giving to raise money for the event. 1 point is given toward their score for each dollar raised on First Giving. Teams can continue to solicit donations to their First Giving Page up until 1:00pm. There is no cap for earnings.


We will need a volunteer for the coat check at Skyloft. 


Purchase a Buffet Lunch at Skyloft.
A buffet lunch will be available starting at 12:45 pm at Skyloft. Racers purchasing the lunch will be issued a wrist band that will be included in your team’s registration packet. See the event website for lunch details. If you plan on purchasing the lunch, please reserve your spot and wrist band now to save time during registration and insure that we have a good count for food.



Crossgates mall rarely ever closes. If it does, it’ll be listed along with the school closings. If the mall is open, the event will still go on.