AMAZING RACE TO RECOVERY 2021 will be held virtually (or opt for a printed version of 15 of the challenges)

February 13-21, 2021
Thank you for your Support!

Watch this video for an explanation:

(Please note since this video was made we decided to offer a printed paper version of the Amazing Race To Recovery.

Details are below.)

Team Talk
Even if you are not participating in our Virtual Event, you can still form a fund raising team and support people in recovery. Just Click Here


An Amazing Race challenge will take place over 8 days at your own pace on your schedule! You do NOT need to be available all 8 days. Even if you only have a few hours, you can still participate. Just complete as much as you can!

 February 13-20, 2021.



First, form a team of up to 5 people. ($20 per person)


Second, select a Captain and register your team on this website under the

"Register A Team" tab.


Third, wait for an email with more instructions.

There are 31 challenges that can be completed virtually.


Or, if you prefer to have a printed version, we can make arrangements for that. However, there are only 15 challenges that are available in a printed version.

You can pick up the printed packet from Second Chance Opportunites, at

55 Colvin Avenue, in Albany the week prior to the event.

Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.

You cannot open the envelope until 10:30am on Saturday, February 13.

The completed challenges need to be returned to Second Chance Opportunites by 4pm on Friday, February 19.

Or, chose a hybrid version, with some being completed virtually. And, some printed.

You are encouraged to complete as many challenges as you want. Most of the challenges can be completed any day, any time.

You do not need to be available all 8 days.

If completing it virtually, there will be some Zoom sessions. 

After the Opening Session, held at 10am on Saturday, February 13, via Zoom, the teams will be given a password to access the challenge details via Google Forms.

Most challenges are encouraged, but not necessary, to be completed as a team, of up to 5 members.

All challenges are family-friendly.

19 the challenges are great for teams with young children.

Teams will be scored on each challenge (up to 100 points).

There are 31 different, fun challenges. Complete as many as you wish.

You can begin the first 3 challenges as soon as your team registers:

1. Facebook Likes & Shares  

2. EventGrove Fundraising

3. Why Are You Participating

You will receive the details after the opening ceremony at 10am on Saturday, February 13, 2021.

4. Paper airplane

5. Build a Card Tower

6. Vendor Challenge

7. Make a necklace

8. Trivia Challenge

9. Phrase Challenges

10. Unscramble Words

11. Identify Oddball Objects

12. Math Online Escape Room

13. How Well Do You Know Your Teammates?

14. Letter Searches

15. Video Game

16. Spreadsheet Pixel Art

17. Real Life Scavenger Hunt

18. Telephone Game

19. Trace A Star Through A Mirror

20. Learn A Dance

21. Make Up A Song About Recovery

22. Online Typing Challenge

23. Build a Towel Animal

24. Creating A Healthy Meal

25. What Do You Know?

26. Zoom Pictionary

27. Zoom Jeopardy

28. How Many Steps Do You Walk?

29. Boggle

30. Build a Snowman BINGO

31. Short Story

The Colonie-Guiderland Rotary Club is looking for your help in fighting the current addiction and opioid crisis in the Capital District. Our 3rd annual fundraising event will promote awareness of the issue and raise funds to support Second Chance Opportunities, Inc. and their community recovery center in Albany.

100% of the funds raised from this event will be used to support programs at the  Community Recovery Center, a safe and centralized location in the heart of Albany where people with an addiction, their families and loved ones can come to get support, direction and guidance while they are dealing with substance abuse disorders.

It's a space where people in recovery can come and put the pieces of their life back together by; gaining employment, housing and life skills, being part of the recovery community, and learning to have fun and enjoy themselves without the use of substances, which greatly reduces the risk of relapse.

The event will be modeled after the popular CBS show The Amazing Race. Teams consist of between 1-5 people. The cost is $20 per person. If you are in recovery, inquire about being sponsored to participate. Your team will earn points for completing fun challenges. They may be via Zoom, online, text, phone, paper, etc. We have also added the option of picking up a paper packet of 15 challenges from Second Chance Opportunities and completing these challenges on paper. They must be returned by 4pm Friday, February 19, 2021 to be scored.

Some ways individuals/businesses/groups can help:

  • Register a team to participate in the event and pre-event fundraising

  • Be a sponsor or help to obtain sponsors

  • Submit prize donations

  • Forward this information to anyone you think might be interested

  • Share our Facebook Event  page with your Facebook Friends

  • Help to promote this event

Check out the FAQ section under Details/FAQ.

​If you have any questions, or are interested, please contact us via this website. (Use the Contact Us tab)

2021 Event Sponsors

$1000 Motivating Angels

$500 Encouraging Angels
$250 Supporting Angels
Heading 6
$150 Comforting Angels
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Carol A. Rappaport Financial Advisor